In September 2015, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There are 17 goals in total with 169 targets to be achieved by 2030. The 12th goal is ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. We formed GOAL12 in response to the SDG12 as a way to take action towards achieving its targets. We are a registered non-profit society in British Columbia founded in 2016 by a group of committed volunteers. Our focus is on 3 of the 11 targets of SDG12.


By 2030, halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses


By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse


By 2030, ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature


GOAL12 started out as the host organization of Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) in Canada, an ideas hackathon to engage the community in taking action towards a sustainable circular economy. We also support the work of the Food Systems Lab, a social innovation lab based at Simon Fraser University, and Zero Waste BC.