Following OSCEdays Vancouver 2017, we pivoted to organizing smaller events and groups throughout the year. Each session, we cover a different circular economy topic with a different type of activity, from brainstorming with role play to cycle tours and bulk buying clubs. New events are posted on our Facebook page.

Photos from Previous Events

Circular Cycle Tour: Getting a behind-the-scenes look at what happens to recyclables after they get collected.
Plant-Based Milks and Butters: Trying out different ways of making milks and butters using nuts, seeds, and legumes.
Regift Exchange: Getting interviewed by the CBC during a post-holiday regift exchange. Sometimes, one person’s unwanted gift is another person’s treasure.
Zero Waste Halloween Potluck: Exchanging costumes and food (without candy wrappers) to re-imagine Halloween as a holiday without waste.
Circular Cycle Tour: We learned about sharing, reuse, and recycling on a tour of the Vancouver Tool Library, Free Geek, The Thingery, and Andina Brewing. More photos here.
Trashy Tuesday – Wasted Food Edition: If you had to choose between throwing away food or putting in single-use packaging to eat later, which would you pick? We had a Debaters style event to trash talk through this topic with fact and funny.
Circular Cycle Tour: Visiting an urban garden with backyard chickens and composting, followed by a local recycling facility that operates as a social enterprise.
Mix-it-Up Monday: Salvaging surplus and leftovers from urban gardens and kitchens to cook up a delicious meal of commonly wasted ingredients.