Monthly Meet-Ups

Following OSCEdays Vancouver 2017, we decided we couldn’t wait a whole year for another event so we started a series of monthly meet-ups. Each month, we cover a different circular economy topic with a different type of activity, from brainstorming with role play to cycle tours. New events are posted on our Facebook page.

Circular Cycle Tour: Visiting an urban garden with backyard chickens and composting, followed by a local recycling facility that operates as a social enterprise.
Mix-it-Up Monday: Salvaging surplus and leftovers from urban gardens and kitchens to cook up a delicious meal of commonly wasted ingredients.



The first two monthly events in this pilot (before we starting documenting with photographs) were called “Trashy Tuesday”. These were lightly facilitated evening gatherings to learn about a circular economy or ‘waste’ problem and practice an ideation/design thinking/prototyping tool. Notes from our workshops are on the OSCEdays forum.