Monthly Meet-Ups

Following OSCEdays Vancouver 2017, we decided we couldn’t wait a whole year for another event so we started a series of monthly meet-ups. Each month, we cover a different circular economy topic with a different type of activity, from brainstorming with role play to cycle tours. New events are posted on our Facebook page.

Next Meet-Up: Trashy Tuesday

Date and time: TBD in June

Location: At a beach

Photos from Previous Monthly Meet-Ups

Spring Circular Cycle Tour: We learned about sharing, reuse, and recycling on a tour of the Vancouver Tool Library, Free Geek, The Thingery, and Andina Brewing. More photos here.
Trashy Tuesday – Wasted Food Edition: If you had to choose between throwing away food or putting in single-use packaging to eat later, which would you pick? We had a Debaters style event to trash talk through this topic with fact and funny.
Circular Cycle Tour: Visiting an urban garden with backyard chickens and composting, followed by a local recycling facility that operates as a social enterprise.
Mix-it-Up Monday: Salvaging surplus and leftovers from urban gardens and kitchens to cook up a delicious meal of commonly wasted ingredients.